HOW TO PIECE A WHOLECLOTH QUILT TOP OR QUILT BACKING:  Use this method when piecing several pieces of 45" wide fabric together to create a large quilt backing or a wholecloth quilt top.  This traditional method eliminates a noticeable seam in the finished quilt.  The quilt will also wear better over time if one single seam is placed where the quilt will be folded.  

How to:  Cut each piece of fabric the desired width...the width you want the finished top or backing to be.  Join the pieces together along the selvage edges.  I don't trim the selvage just yet.  I pin the edges together by matching the center and ends of each piece of fabric.

 WORKING WITH WONKY BORDERS AND SASHINGS:  Click Learn More download a PDF of how I use the APPLY feature in Creative Studio 6.0 to fill a wonky border or sashing with no math and minimal adjustments.